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Tricia Altenau Tricia Altenau

Tricia Altenau has studied many types of bodywork including traditional Swedish massage, Thai massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, cranial/sacral work, acupressure, Reiki, and Integrated Energy Therapy, all of which are described and defined in About Our Services.

At the heart of many of Tricia’s services is acupressure, which is extremely relaxing and effectively rebalances, rejuvenates, and realigns.

“My touch is backed by the intention of allowing your body to release stress on every level, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually,” Tricia tells her clients. “I work with an open heart and in a meditative space. I accommodate your needs and preferences. Massage is a sensual but strictly nonsexual encounter for each client, a wonderfully expansive and healing experience.”

Tricia is the author of The Five Star Healing Program, which revolutionizes the healing of any disbalance or disease by illuminating a how to heal that is unique to us. We can learn to divine our own path to wellness balancing tools and learning from teachers on the leading edge of transformation today. Now you can discover which path leads you back to full radiant health.

Tricia is also a flower essence practitioner, aromatherapist, and Integrated Energy Therapy® (I.E.T.) master/instructor. IET is a gentle touch energy therapy like Reiki. It facilitates the release of negative emotional cellular memory and re-aligns us to live our lives in greater tranquility, living our life's purpose whatever that might be. It can be combined with massage or as a gentle, peaceful treatment unto itself. She is also an ordained reverend of Shamanic arts and training.

For those wishing to learn more about IET, Tricia offers half-day classes for two or more people. The objectives

To learn what IET is, how it is practiced, and what results it can achieve;

To meet the archangels of the human energy field; and

To heal ourselves through transformation and visualization.

Tricia can provide specifics and schedule class sessions.

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