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The AIA Difference in Massage Therapy

AIA, "ALL-IN-ALL", massage is a protocol that addresses the overall well being of receivers Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually, based on the understanding that we are All spiritual beings having a physical experience and All dis-ease and dis-balance steps down through the Spiritual to the Mental to the Emotional and finally to Physical Form.

AIA Massage encompasses the following techniques:

Acupressure, Cranial/Sacral Massage, Myofascial Release, Quantum Touch, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Table Massage, Relaxation Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Reiki, IET and Polarity Therapy.

Flower Essence testing is generally done before and after the treatment using Perelandra Flower Essences and kinesiology.

Aside from my unique services, I also offer my own designed and produced spa  "Potent Nature™" Products
Potent Nature products are also kinesiology tested specific for your needs for Aromatherapy and Skin Nourishment and Body Healing.

If you’re new to massage therapy and know only that you need relief from some type of physical discomfort, we will work with you to deliver the most appropriate therapy and with it, the relief you seek. If you’ve experienced massages in the past, my skill set and training will take you to a higher level of well-being.

Our latest venture is a unique Five Star Healing Program. Learn more here

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Our fresh, spa-made Potent Nature™ skincare creations enable us to take you on a custom journey into healing and wellness. 

Potent Nature™ skincare line was born of a marriage of my intent to create effective, quality,

pure products that would enhance the health and well-being of their users and

respond to the involution of Nature. 


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We present you with all of our products in our Online Boutique. Our products are categorized as you see below. 

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Enjoy browsing and hope that you select one or more products of Potent Nature™, you deserve them!

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Balance Face Serum is a synergistic blend of base and essential oils co-created with Nature to enhance skin on face and neck. For mixed complexion skin with oily and dry patches, it creates a barrier ...
14.00 US$
Breathe Body & Face Oil is a rich combination of base oils easily absorbed to soften and recondition skin, repair sun damage, scars and weathered skin. It stimulates cell renewal. Breathe is a ...
24.00 US$
Calendula Body Butter deeply nourishes and protects the skin while helping to repair any damage  it has sustained environmentally, due to internal disbalance or the effects of aging. ...
32.00 US$
CBD Body Butter deeply nourishes and protects the skin. It is a Respiratory tonic good for colds and flu, treatment for arthritis, joint and muscle aches. It has properties that are in effect ...
40.00 US$
Co-created with Nature,  CBD muscle balm offers the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of camphor in a cbd concentrate body butter base.  All of the wonderful effects of Tiger ...
16.00 US$
Chamomile face toner is steeped for 2 weeks before bottling. A face toner is generally applied with a cotton pad after cleansing, over face and neck. I recommend investing in sustainable, washable ...
8.00 US$
Cucumber & Willow Purifying Face Mask for home spa use. Apply this mask as often as desired. Recommended at least once per week. Cucumber Willow Mask is anti-inflammatory, rich in vitamins, ...
22.00 US$
Deep Relaxation Body & Face Oil maintains moisture balance and heals skin, enhancing cell production. It is anti-ageing and antidepessant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Helps heal wounds and ...
28.00 US$
Hair Goo is a synergistic blend of the best ingredients for hair co-created with Nature intelligiences. I am 50 years old and have been dying my hair for the past ten years. I found my hair like ...
34.00 US$
Magnesium Body Butter deeply nourishes and protects the skin while delivering the necesaary mineral Magnesium which, "Every single cell in the human body demands...or it will perish. Strong bones and ...
20.00 US$
Marigold Body Butter deeply nourishes and protects the skin while helping to repair any damage  it has sustained environmentally, due to internal disbalance or the effects of aging. Amazing for ...
40.00 US$
Masculin Body & Face Oil was co-created with Nature Intelligiences to be a rich synergistic blend of base oils for all skin types. It is a Digestive, Immune and Nervous system tonic, an ...
32.00 US$

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